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We Mean Better Business

We help clients transform through integration of strategy, sustainability, process, technology, and information to increase effectiveness, reduce costs, improve profit and secure positive impact on people, planet, business evolvement and shareholder value - Ensuring a better business. 

Green Buildings
Wallander & Sson is a Boutique Management Consulting Agency that offers locally relevant high-value, high-impact and cost-effective specialist advice. We pack years of relevant senior expertise in our team and deliver the result the clients need timely. Our ecosystem of partners and alliances secures the result our clients need through access to specialists, expertise, tools and solutions. We are used to work operationally and on the floor, always ready to roll up our sleeves and work side by side with our clients until work is done. That is how we create long-term sustainable partnerships. We do not compromise on our integrity of being true to ourselves, our clients and doing what is right for our clients. 

Locally anchored Swedes

Founded by three Swedes, one of whom one is a naturalized Thai citizen, and all with over 20 years of presence in Thailand / Southeast Asia with experience from regional and global management teamwork and leadership.

Operational Industry Experience

The founders share management, development and operational experience from retail, manufacturing, cosmetics direct sales and logistics from companies such as Nestle, Unilever, Pandora, IKEA, Ikano, EF, Oriflame, Kellogg, Suntory and consulting work with some of the major consulting firms.

Partnership for client value

Wallander & Sson works in strategic partnerships and alliances with other management consulting companies and solutions providers in Thailand and the region. Thereby securing access to expertise, resources and networks and developing the firm’s toolbox of methods, models and solutions that we offer our clients.

Hammers on Rack

Sustainability at the heart

Wallander & Sson is passionate about making a difference with impact and has solid expertise and experience in the sustainability areas such as integration, maturity modelling, system-changing social entrepreneurship and scaling, impact measurement (ESG / SDG) communication and circularity.

Enabling transformation

In addition to our specialist areas, the basis for Wallander & Sson's operations and services are enabling organizational transformation by supporting and developing management's and employees' tools, abilities, common languages that can support better decision-making and implementation ability in major change work.


Collective Intelligence enabling healthy organizations

This secure improvement of the health of organizations in the form of a common direction, strong executive capacity, renewal, adaptability, resilience and how to drive and develop organizational behaviour that supports this. We enable this by applying The Collective Intelligence Concept, Modelling and Tools from our partnership with Influence AB. 


About Wallander & Sson

Make a Positive Difference

Cloud with Silver Lining
Our Purpose
  • We combine global expertise and operational experience with local insight and specialist access to help clients transform with impact in reality.

  • We use the Collective Intelligence methodology and concept to enable and ready organisations for transformation, business agility, execution support and for them to own and drive their change over time.

  • We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create the change that matters most to them and that has real positive impact for business, people and planet.

  • We partner with our clients to transform their organizations, embed technology and sustainability into the way they do business, and build self-sustained and long-term capabilities.

How we do

Clients' Better Business

  • We are client centric with the interest of our clients being our main interest, while we remain our clients' enabling tools

  • We are enablers for impact and ensure execution from within our clients

  • We deliver solutions that is owned and implemented by and/or via clients and we ensure we equip and support the clients to do so

  • We are in it for the long-term

  • We partner with organisations which share our ideas and that have complementing expertise and tools that can enable us deliver forward looking and relevant solutions to our clients

  • We deliver real value and strive to always make a positive bottom-line and planet people impact difference for our clients and partners

  • We are locally relevant and always hands-on, keeping it real, simple, ethical and with integrity

Green Field

Making a Difference for Clients

We work on projects that help clients integrate strategy, process, technology, sustainability and information to increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve profit and owner value while supporting positive impact on business, people and planet

Ready for the Future
Seeing the changes ahead and seizing the opportune moment to move is fundamentally what management is all about. We assist our clients in doing so.

Digital social media
What we do

This is Our Business

Compass Pointing North
  • The basis for our operations and services is to enable organizational transformation and agility by supporting and developing management's and employees' tools, abilities, common languages that can support better decision-making and implementation ability in major change and strategy work.

  • By that we improve the health of organizations by a common direction, strong executive capacity, renewal, adaptability, resilience and how to drive and develop organizational behaviour that supports this.

  • The Collective Intelligence methodology and concept is an enabler to ready organisations for transformation, business agility, support the execution and for the organization to own and drive their own change over time. We deliver this through our partnership with Influence AB. 

  • We strengthen our capacity, capability and service and solution offer by our resource eco-system where we are partnering with partners that can deliver scaled specialist expertise,  proprietary change- and transformation models and methodologies, and technical and digital system change and transformation solutions. 


Impact Transformation

World of business is changing at increasing speed – Change is needed to reach and maintain the full potential


Our approach enables organization to reach extraordinary results for their organizations. It is driven and supported by proprietary tools, methods, expertise technologies  and solutions to enable real, self-owned and long term continued change.

  • Business performance lift transformation

  • Digitally enabled performance transformation

  • Strategic transformation

  • Sustainability transformation

We help clients reach, maintain and develop transformational impact over the long-term perspective to ready themselves for the continuous changing business conditions and remain ahead through agility.

How can we support clients in their transformation journey

We roll up our sleeves together with our clients to reach and maintain transformational impact over time.  Together with the client teams we secure to make them capable of continuing, keeping and developing the change long-term

Ensure problem definition and execution excellence

We help organizations operate effectively in an increasingly project based organizational world, by securing how to achieve an aligned and sufficiently detailed problem definition, accelerate execution to achieve long-term performance improvement and measurable, impact and bottom-line results.

Develop & equip teams across the organization through Collective Intelligence Methodology
By shifting mindsets and relationship dynamics to drive performance by capitalizing on the inherited potential that lies in the diversity of teams. We coach, share and equip them on how to lead during everyday operation, crisis and successfully prepare for the next normal. Ensure sufficient problem definition and execution excellence.

Business Enabling Sustainability with Impact

Green Buildings

We can be your impact partner, transformer and integration enabler for sustainability, climate, energy efficiency management, business integrated social entrepreneurship aiming for positive impact on profit plus environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and SDGs throughout all levels of your business, but always part of your business. 

We work with partners, solution providers and clients to support and enable business development and growth with the limits of our planet and while securing business, planet, people positive impact now and over time. 


We do this by leveraging our thought leadership, operational experience, forward looking tools and solutions and our ecosystem of partners and affiliates.

Our Sustainability Principles

Spring Onions

We want to enable our clients to have a positive impact on their business, people, society and the planet. it is about balancing economic profitable growth and positive social impact with environmental protection and regeneration.

We think long term – to be participate and contribute in the total narrative to meet the needs of the business and people today without compromising the needs of future generations and long-term growth of the client.

Doing this requires rethinking and enabling and inspiring changes in ways of producing and consuming, and to adopt new ways of working. We are committed to support our clients to lead the way forward together with their supply chain, co-workers, management, owners, customers and partners and to using their business footprint to make a positive difference. This is both a responsibility and a business opportunity. The more clients and their business we can support and enable, the bigger the impact we can have together, and the better their business can be 

Financial Graphs
  • We support making sustainability an enabler for good business and business development by making it a natural part of our clients' everyday business.

  • Sustainability is not a function - It is a business approach and mindset. How you do your business

  • We keep it simple, business centred and relevant, securing long term value creation and we do it so it fits our clients' way

  • We enable our clients to do right through sound (ethical, sustainable and profitable) business that makes a positive difference for people and the planet.

  • We base it on our clients' values and makes sustainability actionable and a shared integrated responsibility for all functions and businesses through functional, leader and co-worker empowerment

  • We enable our clients to become a positive force for change locally and globally. We make it part our clients' everyday businesses and together with owners, board, management, co-workers, suppliers, customers, authorities, NGOs and partners in the communities they operate.

We deploy a multi-thronged approach to deliver business relevant impact for our clients’ business, the planet & people

  • Sustainability Integration

  • Maturity Modelling

  • Workshops

  • Enabling Collective Intelligence Mindset and methodology

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    • Partnership

    • Scaling / Acceleration

    • Business Integration and linkage

    • Business Modelling

    • Self-Sufficiency Strategy

Solar Panels
Eco Friendly Buildings
  • Sustainability Strategy

    • Climate risk assessment

    • Climate Strategy

    • Net-zero roadmap

    • Strategy Integration

  • Green Business Building

    • Renewable energy

    • New business model services

    • New products

    • New materials

    • Next-gen batteries

    • New Energy Efficiency Management Solution

    • Water treatment

  • Decarbonization transformation

    • Asset identification to keep and transform

    • Assets and supply chain decarbonization

    • Digital tracking

    • Net-zero products

    • Governance

    • Innovative partnership models

    • Carbon markets

  • Impact Transformation Fund

  • Sustainable Communication and engagement

    • ESG/SDG reporting and visualization

    • Communication Strategy

    • Integration of sustainability communication

Collective Intelligence Enabling  Business 

Collective Intelligence

Three basic principles for the
Wallander & Sson approach


  • World is changing faster and becoming more complex

  • Transformation requires involvement and ownership by many stakeholders and competencies

  • Succeeding in implementing solutions means daring to simplify and manage many perspectives

  • Requires continuous work with shared view on values and objectives with our clients

Collective Intelligence

  • A team's performance is decided by its ability to utilize each other's knowledge

  • Stockholm School of Economics have collaborated with our partner Influence AB and shown that the Collective Intelligence Model offers us the keys to what it takes to create a high performing team.

  • With our working methods from our partner Influence AB, we enable the successive increase in Collective Intelligence levels for relevant client teams. 

Specialists and Generalists

  • We know that the combination of speciality competence and collaborative capability that is required to develop high performance team is essential in an increasingly complex world. 

  • Our projects make use of Wallander & Sson's and our Alliance Ecosystem specialists' competences and tools, which offer our clients and wide access to what they need when they need it. 

By using Collective Intelligence as a change engine, we enable client value optimization

We believe in building and developing people's organisations' own problem identification and solving-, learning- and collaboration capabilities. We are passionate about making groups, teams and organisations smarter and more effective by being able to leverage on each other's competences, capabilities and by capturing different perspectives. 

Find out more about Collective Intelligence here. Read or download Pdf.

Collective Intelligence

Strategy Development

  • Strategy Generation and Execution

  • Change leadership for complex transformations

  • Mobilisation, goal steering and steering models

Organisational Development and Agility Change journeys 

  • Organisational Analysis and Development

  • Agile Transformation and Ways of working

Need Driven Business Development and Service Design

  • Service Design

  • Customer driven business development

  • Client Need Based Digitalization

Project Management, Operational Development & System Change

  • Program and Project Management

  • Process Development

  • System Implementation focused on intended change traction 

Our  Alliance Ecosystem for Better Business

Sunset in the Woods

Our exceptional Alliance Ecosystem help you go forward faster and further

Wallander & Sson Alliance Ecosystem is part of our core delivery proposition and value for our clients. We enable collaborative sustainable solutions that help our clients on their journey to a better business.

The ecosystem brings together competencies, solutions, impact enabling tools, technologies and service providers that complement and strengthen our consulting expertise and offer.












We work closely with these partners to provide you with access to the capabilities most relevant to your needs, enabling scale, gains, efficiencies, faster assimilation of new ideas, skills, and ways of working to capture the highest-value result and impact.  With Wallander & Sson’s transformation expertise we bring sustained impact, agility and innovation for our clients.

Our alliance ecosystem of partners shares an ambition for delivering positive social and environmental impact at scale, mobilizing our expertise to address some of the pressing and urgent challenges in global equality, poverty eradication, education, employment, and climate and the environment. 

Nothing great is ever done alone. Our alliance ecosystem approach allows us to engage cross-disciplinary teams, capabilities, and perspectives that create impact beyond traditional silos. This ecosystem gives us an expansive platform to drive shared value, push the boundaries of impact, and serve as you partner in creating better business.


*Please note that we are in process of officially finalizing partnerships and will update this page continuously.

Our Alliance Ecosystem

Our Impact Method and Resource Partner


Influence is a management consultancy company creating positive impact with sustainable results together with our customers and collaboration partners. Through research in Collective Intelligence, its applied methodology and formation of knowledge integration, Influence enables high performing teams and organisations to drive change in contexts of high complexity. Today’s rapidly evolving market landscape, constantly pervaded by transformative technologies, requiring innovative business models to meet the challenges of sustainability, drives change at an ever-increasing pace. To succeed now and in the future, business leaders need to find new agile ways to manage this challenge. This often leads to too much focus on new technologies or reducing personnel and they often miss that the key is to make better use of the resources and knowledge they already possess. Integration of knowledge is key, both in decision making and execution of change – Collective Intelligence applied

Our Impact Resource Partners

Creagy Logo.gif

Creagy is a purpose-driven consultancy based in Thailand focusing on climate change, clean energy and circular economy. We advise public and private sectors to be more efficient & effective, to adapt to changes and to identify new opportunities in the energy and climate markets in South East Asia countries. Our purpose is to help our world avoiding a climate disaster by capturing opportunities in net-zero economy.

RRS ASIA Logo-01.png

RRS Asia is focused on working with motivated and regionally-based organisations to advance recovery models, enhance business profitability, and develop regional circular economies as businesses transition from CSR to strategic sustainability programmes and from a linear to a circular model.  RRS Asia -


Reinventing Management Consulting

OML Consulting assists entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, operating in or entering the APAC region, by providing tailor-made advice on innovation, strategy, operations, and training.


OML is powered by an inclusive, experienced group of global cross-sector experts and entrepreneurs that are passionate about delivering business excellence while holding themselves to unparalleled standards of quality, integrity, and sustainability.

Our Impact Sustainable Solution Partners


Striving towards a more sustainable world with less food waste and improved bottomline.

Contributing to a better environment is a central part of OptiCept. OptiCept offers optimized processes to customers for increased production, extended durability, and improved quality. This results in increased profitability for the customer and a more sustainable world. OptiCept's applications deliver on future sustainability criteria based on the objective of contributing to a cleaner and more efficient world.


The OptiCept technology can be efficient in virtually all biological processes both regarding increased production volume, better quality, and health effects in form of increased content of polyphenols and vitamins.


Opticept Solutions are increasing the shelf life of liquid foods, which leads to reduced food waste. The OptiCept technology can easily be installed in existing production processes as well as in new ones. The increased efficiency of the biological process gives higher volumes of the end product and less organic waste. Read more at

mixmove high res jpg.jpg

MIXMOVE is an award-winning cloud solution that revolutionizes the loading of goods, by ensuring maximum capacity utilization. The MIXMOVE solution amplifies existing solutions by easily connecting supply chains into a network and creating item-level visibility along the entire supply chain. You will have all the information you need in one single platform, making it easier to plan and predict. With the MIXMOVE solution, customers have experienced a reduction in logistics costs by up to 35%, a reduction in emissions by up to 50%, and better predictability.

iTech Mission_a.png

iTech Mission is an ISO certified social impact technology lab focused on design and development of technology tools for public good. The iTM team has worked in over 100 countries for International organisations like UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, World Bank, UN Women, Save the Children, World Food Programme.

MAEKO provides an award-winning aerobic compression technology to recover food waste and convert into bio-organic soil enhancer in just 24 hours.  
MAEKO is committed towards helping the globe achieve zero food waste by providing composting solutions for all kinds of businesses and homes. Our goal is to help 'close the loop' of sustainability, allowing the food waste that comes from the farms to go back to the farms as fertilizer for future food. 
By adopting MAEKO bio-technology our client can save on haulage cost, meet their KPI with proper waste management, achieve CSR value and most importantly resolving environmental issues by reducing greenhouse gas by 66%. 


MAEKO LogoFA AI version-01.png

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Alliance Eco-System
Client References

Client References

We strive to work with forward looking organisations that share our values of making a difference and having a positive impact on business, people and the planet

Advisory Work

TiNDLE is the first global brand from Next Gen Foods, a Singapore based global food tech company.  TiNDLE is ridiculously good chicken made entirely from plants.

TINDLE-blue-logo (1).png

Global Bugs is a key player in the current protein shift from non-sustainable protein to sustainable alternative protein based on crickets.

Global Bugs control the whole food supply chain from feed to packing including farming and processing of crickets to entopowder.

Global Bugs Logo.png
Who we are

Who we are

The business landscape is changing rapidly and significantly. Disruption is more frequent, competition harsher and success depends on being able to remain relevant and be agile enough to transform to meet the needs of the future. Therefore, looking outward and forward and moving quickly and decisively has become both harder and more critical. Seeing those changes ahead and seizing the opportune moment to move is fundamentally what management is all about. We assist our clients in doing so. Consulting for the future. 

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Founding Managing Partner

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Founding Managing Partner

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